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Charming old house was a large stone solid standing on the plot edge, having no contact with existing surrounding. New, smaller annex creates an L-shaped organization, creating more space in the house and reconnecting it to its garden. Creating a house that co-exists with the garden brings Mediterranean lifestyle to this project, where boundaries between house and garden cease to exist.

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Stoneness of the large house interior was preserved and an open plan living was brought to the interior. Although very uncommon for old stone house, commonly made of corridors and small rooms, open plan brings out more from the family energy gathering inside. Volume of the new annex is conceived as a leisure pavilion in the garden. Inviting sofa and openness created with gallery call for relaxation and appreciation of surrounding mediterranean landscape and sun rays.

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Old stone walls are restored with new grouting and new wooden shutters, emphasizing the old look. Small annex covered in soft traditional plaster brings rough-soft balance to the whole. Small plaster annex, although different in material, still respects historical facade layouts. New facades made of windows and double doors follow rational composition, typical for the context it inhabits.

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Site area

Floor area




Vrboska, Croatia


525 m2

309 m2

Morpharos architects


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