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Roof dormer luminar is a typical local detail, frequently used to bring more light and height into narrow attic spaces of old local houses. We wanted to explore this detail and its new possibilities and limits. Instead of covering the roof with a series of small ones, we envisioned one, but large, luminar 2.0

Morpharos Stari grad final 122 1_edited.jpg

Simple volume of a local house is combined with the volume of luminar 2.0 erasing the clear bounary of two solids, bledning them into one volume. Niches created inside the volume provide a shade for rooms and balconies, but also enrich the plasticity of the volume. From morning till dawn, house adopts play of sunlight and sharp mediterranean shadows. 

Morpharos Stari grad final 150 1_edited.jpg

Ground living area pours out to outdoor living area protected by pergola. Unity of outdoor and indoor space is achieved by using same terazzo flooring. Palette of white and beige tones combined with chrome and wood details stretch from interior spaces to exterior faces of the building.

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Morpharos Stari grad final 235 1_edited.jpg

Double story dining area is lit with trio of designer pendant lamps which shine the dining table surrounded with all time classic - Wishbone chair. Terazzo flooring brings timeless atmosphere to the interior, while small stone fragments in it determine the tones for all furnishings situated on it.

Morpharos Stari grad final 132 1_edited.jpg
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Floor area





Stari Grad, Croatia


414 m2

Morpharos architects


Marko Mihaljević

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