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Morpharos philosophy

Morpharos is a Mediterranean Architecture Studio focused on creating Timeless Mediterranean Architecture and Atmospheres. Studio combines new technologies and contemporary design approaches with local values and building traditions in Mediterranean region.


We manage buildings from Conceptual stage through Preliminary and Main Design all the way to Detail and Interior design, having focus on preserving initial concept through all the stages and changes in the process. Final product, the building itself, resembles Morpharos vision of architecture, the one with timeless mediterranean atmosphere.


Rather than architecture of glamour and expensive materials, we focus on timless aspects of architecture, intriguing organisation that adopts openess and gentle breeze, spaces closely connected to nature and water, forms that interact with sun to provide shadows and materials of strong textures and natural feel.


Morpharos team approaches each project with strong set of goals and values, but also individually, since every project is site-specific and has it's own story to tell. Once inhabitated, building should be a refuge for mind, body and soul of the owner, creating perfect balance of eternal values and contemporary time we live in.

Morpharos team

Nikola Dužević,, CEO

Borna Pavičić,, CEO

Vanesa Busija,

Tomislav Kokan,

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